CSR - Corporate and Social Responsibility

Most large Corporate businesses today have CSR targets that reflect their desire to support a range of different stakeholders.

Differentiated from ‘just charity’, CSR looks to support local communities and a range of other stakeholders and communities that the Corporate has business interest in or an affinity with – these can frequently be in locations right across the Globe.



Carbon offset projects help meet your CSR goals

Carbon Footprint Ltd provides projects from UK and right across the Globe and is sure to have one in geographies where your business has a presence or interests in. Supporting projects within these countries can in this way be wholly appropriate to support their local communities.

The projects have strong benefits particularly in supporting

  • Developing communities
  • Health
  • Education
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Biodiversity
  • trees_img_1764.png

    We also have projects within the UK, including our unique Tree Planting programme that is focused on planting in 12 different regions in the UK and also in Northern Ireland. 

  • Planting is focused on primary school locations
  • Provides local community engagement 
  • Educational value to the children
  • Supports wildlife/biodiversity 
  • You can get involved in the planting
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